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Research Fellows

Mark Banfield, 2003-2008

Mark was a Royal Society University Research Fellow who was part of the Structural Biology Laboratory (SBL) from the very beginning. He left in 2008 to take up a Group Leader's position in the John Innes Centre, where he remains to date, studying host:pathogen interactions at the molecular level.

Mark Banfield at John Innes Centre.

Susan Firbank, 2006-2011

Susan first joined the lab in a scientific officer's role, running the X-ray kit and engaging in collaborative research projects. In 2008 she was promoted to a University-funded research fellowship, and worked predominantly on DNA replication complexes, but left in 2011 for pastures new.

Jon Marles-Wright, 2006-2012

Jon was employed on the first BBSRC grant that was awarded to the SBL to work on the structure of the stressosome. He continued his stressosome work on a second BBSRC grant, was awarded a University-funded research fellowship in 2010 and then obtained a prestigious Chancellor's Fellowship in Edinburgh University in 2012, where he continues his work on bacterial microcompartments.

John Marles-Wright at Edinburgh University.


James Murray, 2003-2005

James joined the lab as a “pre-doc”, finished his DPhil thesis, stayed for another year and left in 2005 to post-doc with James Barber at Imperial and then the Structural Genomics Consortium in Oxford. In 2008 James went back to Imperial as a BBSRC Sir David Phillips Fellow. James has recently been awarded a Lectureship by the College (congratulations!) and he studies photosystems.

James Murray at Imperial.

Olivier Delumeau, 2003-2006

Olivier was employed as a post-doc right at the start of the SBL, where he continued to study stress responses in Bacilli. After keeping a supervisory eye over Steven for much of his PhD, Olivier got a permanent position in INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, as a “research engineer” concentrating in the role of protein-protein interactions in bacterial cellular processes.

Olivier Delumeau at INRA, Jouy-en-Josas.

Paul Race, 2003-2009

Paul did the first ~half of his post-doc career with Mark on host:pathogen interactions, but joined Rick's group in 2008 to work on stress responses. Paul was subsequently awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2009 which he holds in the Biochemistry Department at Bristol University, and where he runs a group working on the structure and manipulation of polyketide synthases.

Paul Race at the Biochemistry Department at Bristol University.

John Berrisford, 2010-2012

John was already quite an experienced post-doc when he joined the lab in the latter part of 2010 to work on stress-related projects. Though John's stay in the SBL was short, it was definitely eventful, culminating in the birth of a son, Daniel, in 2011! John is currently working as a PDB curator at the EBI.

John Berrisford at the EBI.

Josephine Wardle, 2010-2011

Josephine joined the lab for ~6 months, to continue some of the uncompleted stressosome work. In the autumn of 2011 Josephine enrolled in a PGCE program and is currently completing this qualification and teaching in the Tyneside area.

Joseph Newman, 2007-2013

Joe joined the lab in October 2007, after completing his Ph.D. in Dave Rice's laboratory in Sheffield, and was a postdoc on a systems biology grant for ~5 years. In spring of 2013, Joe left for pastures new at the SGC where he is currently solving 17,000 structures per week. Or something like that.

Post-graduate students

Steven Hardwick, 2003-2007

Steven was a PhD student who worked on the interaction between RsbT and RsbU. Steve graduated in 2007 and went to post-doc for Ben Luisi in Cambridge University's Biochemistry Department on RNA maturation by degradosome-like complexes. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he is not this Steven Hardwick: Steven Hardwick.

Maureen Quin, 2006-2010

Mo finished her PhD in 2009 on stressosomes, then stayed for another year as a post-doc (also on stressosomes), before moving to Minnesota to post-doc in Claudia Schmidt-Dannert's lab on synthetic biology. A very smiley picture of Mo can be found here: Maureen Quin.

Luke Graham, 2007-2009

Luke Graham completed a Master's of Philosophy in 2009 on two-component signaling, and was last heard of trying to emigrate to Canada. This isn't Luke, Luke Graham, neither is this (probably).

Wenke Reiss

Wenke has visited the SBL twice, on each occasion for ~6 months, first as a Diploma student and more recently as a Master's student. Her real home is in Jan Pane-Farre's group, Greifswald, and Wenke is currently back in Greifswald, finishing her Master's Degree on stressosomes from Vibrio vulnificus.


Duncan McNulty, 2003-2006

Duncan was the lab technician in the early days of the lab. After starting a PGCE Duncan decided that he'd had his fill of education (or perhaps education had her fill of Duncan?) and he joined Newcastle City Council as an Accountancy Assistant.

Cecilia Rodrigues, 2007-2013

Cecilia joined the lab in July 2007, after completing her Ph.D. in Patrick Hussey's laboratory in Durham, and was funded as a technician on the SysMo1 and 2 initiatives. Cecilia, Mike and Phil relocated to Exeter in the early summer of 2013, and Cecilia is currently a full-time mum.


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