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We were very happy to host two work-experience visitors during the October half term holiday this year.

Jess Kennedy (Harton 6th Form, South Shields) and Lucy Dinsdale (Heaton Manor School) joined us for a few days to try out some of the things we do in our labs. They had a go at crystallising a protein called lysozyme, gel electrophoresis, looking at activity of a metalloenzyme, a spectrophotometric assay to look at sugar metabolism and transforming bacteria with plasmid DNA.

Both Lucy and Jess aim to study Biochemistry at university next year; we hope seeing us at work has been inspiring - or at least not too frightening. We wish them very well for the future. And we thank them for the GIANT "DNA" cookie they left with us at the end of their work-experience. Yum!


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February 2014
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January 2014
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