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Owen Davies' publications
    Davies, O.R.*, Lin, C.-Y.*, Radzisheuskaya, A., Zhou, X., Taube, J., Blin, G., Waterhouse, A., Smith, A.J.H. & Lowell, S. (2013) Tcf15 primes pluripotent cells for differentiation. Cell Reports (Article), 3, 472-484. [Pubmed]
    *Joint First Authors
    Davies, O.R., Maman, J.D. & Pellegrini, L. (2012) Structural analysis of the SYCE2-TEX12 complex provides molecular insights into synaptonemal complex assembly. Open Biology, 2, 120099. [Pubmed]
    D’Arcy, S., Davies, O.R., Blundell, T.L. & Bolanos-Garcia, V.M. (2010) Defining the molecular basis of BubR1 kinetochore recruitment and APC/C-Cdc20 inhibition. J Biol Chem, 285, 19, 14764-76. [Pubmed]
    Li, Y., Chirgadze, D.Y., Bolanos-Garcia, V.M., Sibanda, B.L., Davies, O.R., Ahnesorg, P., Jackson, S.P. & Blundell, T.L. (2008) Crystal structure of human XLF/Cernunnos reveals unexpected differences from XRCC4 with implications for NHEJ. EMBO J., 27, 1, 290-300. [Pubmed]
    Davies, O.R. & Pellegrini, L. (2007) Interaction with the BRCA2 C terminus protects RAD51-DNA filaments from disassembly by BRC repeats. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 14, 6, 475-483[Pubmed]
    Shivji, M.K.K.*, Davies, O.R.*, Savill, J.M., Bates, D.L., Pellegrini, L. & Venkitaraman, A.R. (2006) A region of human BRCA2 containing multiple BRC repeats promotes RAD51-mediated strand exchange. Nucleic Acids Research, 34, 14, 4000-4011. [Pubmed]
    *Joint First Authors
    Doré, A.S., Furnham, N., Davies, O.R., Sibanda, B.L., Chirgadze, D.Y., Jackson, S.P., Pellegrini, L. & Blundell, T.L. (2006) Structure of an Xrcc4-DNA ligase IV yeast ortholog complex reveals a novel BRCT interaction mode. DNA Repair, 5, 3, 362-368 [Pubmed]
    Bolanos-Garcia, V.M. & Davies, O.R. (2006) Structural analysis and classification of native proteins from E. coli commonly co-purified by immobilised metal affinity chromatography. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (Gen), 1760, 9, 1304-1313. Review Article. [Pubmed]
    Blundell, T.L., Sibanda, B.L., Montalvao, R.W., Brewerton, S., Chelliah, V., Worth, C.L., Harmer, N.J., Davies, O.R. & Burke, D. (2006) Structural biology and bioinformatics in drug design: opportunities and challenges for target identification and lead discovery. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci, 361, 1467, 413-23. Review Article [Pubmed]

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