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Paula Salgado's publications
    Douse C.H., Green J.L., Salgado P.S., Simpson P.J., Thomas J.C., Langsley G., Holder A.A., Tate E.W., Cota E. (2012). Regulation of the Plasmodium motor complex: phosphorylation of Myosin A Tail Interacting Protein (MTIP) loosens its grip on MyoA. J Biol Chem. [Epub ahead of print] [Pubmed]
    Liu, B., Garnett, J.A., Lee, W.C., Lin, J., Salgado, P., Taylor, J., Xu, Y., Lambert, S., Cota, E., Matthews, S. (2012) Promoting crystallisation of the Salmonella enteritidis fimbriae 14 pilin SefD using deuterium oxide. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 421, 208-13. [Pubmed]
    Salgado, P.S., Yan, R., Taylor, J.D., Buchnell, L., Jones, R., Hoyer, L., Matthews, S.J., Simpson, P., Cota, E. (2011) Structural basis for the broad specificity to host-cell ligands by the pathogenic fungus Candida albicans. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108, 15775-9. [Pubmed]
    Taylor, J.D., Zhou, Y., Salgado, P.S., Patwardhan, A., McGuffie, M., Pape, T., Grabe, G., Ashman, E., Constable, S.C., Simpson, P.J., Lee, W., Cota, E., Chapman, M.R., Matthews, S.J. (2011) Atomic resolution Insights into curli fibre biogenesis. Structure 19, 1307-16. [Pubmed]
    Salgado, P.S., Yang, R., Rowan, F., Cota, E. (2011) Expression, crystallization, preliminary X-ray data analysis of NT-ALS9, a fungal adhesin from Candida albicans. Acta Crystallogr F67, 467-70. [Pubmed]
    Salgado, P.S., Taylor, J.D., Cota, E., Mathews, S.J. (2011) Extending the phasing power of diselenide bonds: SeCys SAD phasing of CsgC using a non-auxotrophic strain. Acta Crystallogr D67, 8-13.[Pubmed]
    Poranen, M.M., Salgado, P.S., Laurila, M.R.L., Wright, S., Bamford, D.H., Stuart, D.I.,, Grimes, J.M. (2008) Structural explanation for the role of Mn2+ in the activity of Φ6 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Nucl Acid Res 36, 6633-44. [Pubmed]
    Salgado, P.S., Koivunen M.R., Makeyev, E.V., Bamford, D.H., Stuart, D.I.,, Grimes, J.M. (2006) The structure of an RNAi polymerase links RNA silencing, transcription. PloS Biol 4, e434. [Pubmed]
    Laurila, M.R.L., Salgado, P.S., Stuart, D.I., Grimes, J.M., Bamford, D.H. (2005) Back-priming mode of Phi6 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. J Gen Virol 86, 521-526. [Pubmed]
    Salgado P.S., Walsh, M.A., Laurila, M.R.L., Stuart, D.I., Grimes, J.M. (2005) Going soft, SAD with manganese. Acta Biol Crystallogr D61, 108-11. [Pubmed]
    Laurila, M.R.L., Salgado, P.S., Makeyev, E.V., Nettelship, J., Stuart, D.I., Grimes, J.M., Bamford, D.H. (2005) Gene silencing pathway RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of Neurospora crassa: yeast expression, crystallization of selenomethionated QDE-1 protein. J Struct Biol 149, 111- 5 [Pubmed]
    Salgado, P.S., Makeyev, E.V., Butcher, S.J., Bamford, D.H., Stuart, D.I., Grimes, J.M. (2004) The structural basis for RNA specificity, Ca2+ inhibition of an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Structure 12, 307-16. [Pubmed]

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