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Scientific Officer

Dr Arnaud Basle

Arnaud joined the lab in January 2009 from Olga Mayans' group in Liverpool. Arnaud has 1001 jobs, including the maintenance of these web-pages, the computers we use to solve structures and the X-ray facility and its crystallisation robots. He also solves structures in collaborative projects with others, trains junior lab members and organises our synchrotron access. In his spare time he likes to clean.


Dr Robert Cleverley

Rob joined the lab from the Steve Prince group, Manchester, in December 2009. Rob is funded by a BBSRC LoLa grant (held by Jeff Errington, Richard Daniel, Waldemar Vollmer and Rick) to study the proteins that are required to build a cell wall in Bacillus subtilis.

Dr Lorraine Hewitt

Lorraine formally joined the lab in September 2011, after spending the previous 4 years working with Colin Harwood on the first phase of a pan-European systems biology initiative, SysMO. With Joe and Cecilia in SysMO2, Lorraine seeks to characterise the thermodynamics and the structures of protein:protein complexes in B. subtilis.

Dr Vincent Rao

Vincent joined the lab in December 2012 after completing his PhD in Dundee in Bill Hunter's lab. He is funded an a BBSRC grant to Rick to study wall teichoic acid synthesis and recycling in B. subtilis.

Dr Will Stanley

Will joined the lab in April 2013 after spending much of the previous decade post-docing in Germany, India and Australia. He is working on the remainder of the SysMO2 project on protein complexes in metabolic pathways.

PhD students

Mr Christopher Hoyland

Chris's first degree is in Marine Biology, from Newcastle University. He started his BBSRC-sponsored PhD on the cell wall of Bacillus and related species in 2010 and is supervised on a day-to-day basis in the lab by Rob.

Mr Thomas Kinsman

Tom's first degree is in Biochemistry from Sheffield University. He started his BBSRC PhD on archaeal DNA-dependent DNA polymerases in October 2009 with Susan Firbank. Tom joined Rick's group in October 2011 on Susan's departure from the University, and he is jointly-supervised by Rick and by Bernard Connolly.


Pauline Helsop

Pauline provides the lab with expert technical support and sets up crystallization trays on the DNA polymerase project that runs collaboratively between our lab and her day-to-day home in Bernard's lab.


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February 2014
JBC Best paper of the year 2013 awarded to Pr. Rick Lewis

January 2014
2014 is the year of Crystallography

January 2014
CCP4 Study Weekend
3-5th of January, Nottingham University

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