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Hello, you've reached the Newcastle Structural Biology Laboratory, part of the Institute for Cell and Molecular Bioscience (ICaMB), University of Newcastle. The NSBL was founded in 2003, but in the last ~18 months we have undergone some expansion and there are now 4 research groups in ICaMB and another group based in the Northern Institute for Cancer Research. Three groups in Cookson, Rick Lewis, Paula Salgado and Bert van den Berg, concentrate their research activities on important questions in microbial lifestyle:

How do bacteria build the protective wall that protects the cell?

How do bacteria co-ordinate cell division and cell growth?

How do bacteria protect themselves from the host immune system during infection?

How do bacteria traffic molecules into and out of the cell?

The fourth group in ICaMB, Owen Davies, is interested in meiosis, and in particular the synaptonemal complex that holds together homologous chromosomes to co-ordinate the recombination steps that are necessary to complete meiosis.

Martin Noble and Jane Endicott in NICR are interested in understanding the progression through the eukaryotic cell cycle at the molecular level, and in exploiting that knowledge to produce new chemical probes and potential leads for drug discovery.

We use X-ray crystallography to solve the structures of proteins and protein complexes that are central to these questions. This experimental technique is complemented with NMR, electron microscopy, biochemistry and cell biology to help us answer these questions, amongst others. We all take an active interest in broadening the accessibility of structural biology to our colleagues in Newcastle, which ideally leads to jointly-held grants, co-publications and joint studentships. For further information on our individual research interests and our facilities please click on the menu bar above. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.


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February 2014
JBC Best paper of the year 2013 awarded to Pr. Rick Lewis

January 2014
2014 is the year of Crystallography

January 2014
CCP4 Study Weekend
3-5th of January, Nottingham University

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